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It is generally accepted that very few humans use more than ten percent of the capacity of our psyches. The cause of some of this can be explained with a few basic computer science principles.

Let's take a simple computer system. The more programs we have running, the more of the system resources we tie up. This leaves less computing capacity available to run the current program we want to run.

On many systems, idle background programs consume system resources just by being open. When background programs perform simple activities this uses more resources. Watching for events, such as certain keystroke combinations or mouse clicks, is an example of this. More significant activities, such as repeatedly scanning through old files, tie up even more system resources.

Now, let's compare this to our typical human psyches. Leaving some of our attention stuck on our past experiences is like keeping open programs running in the background. This consumes system resources. Experiences that we regularly review use more resources. Running additional processes on these memories, for example: "Woulda_Coulda_Shoulda" programs, ties up our system resources even more.

In addition to our past experiences, many of us are operating on past decisions that continue into the future. We humans have our own kinds of event watching programs. "ICan't_IWon't_I'llNever" type programs would be an example.

Endless loop programs are one of the biggest drains on any system's resources. Many of us run many such endless loops, not only on our experiences of the past, but also on our imaginations of the future. A common program of this type is a "WhatIf_WhatIf" type program.

Conflicting programs are also huge drains on system resources. This occurs when one program is working to create one result while another program is working to create the opposite result. Many of us have program conflicts, such as "ICan't" type programs running while "IMust" type programs are also running on the same subject. Another common conflict is when "FearOfSuccess" type programs run at the same time as "FearOfFailure" type programs.

The Inner Peace processes can free up some of the stuck attention people have in these background programs. InnerPeace does not claim to recover all of the other ninety percent of the human psyche's capacity. However, to make a significant difference, it doesn't have to. Even if we could recover an extra three percent, that would make a major difference.

Imagine what you could create if you and those around you were to free up your psyches from all those unproductive background programs.

What would that be like?



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Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

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