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Todays browsers do far more than many computers could do in the days of DOS. Yet many programmers are still reinventing the wheel by writing their programs from scratch in languages like C.

Not only has the wheel been invented, there is a free shuttle running 24 x 7, 365 days a year serving more and more computers every day. This amazing shuttle is called the Internet, and browsers are the shuttle stops.

Today's browsers are fully equipped with all the code for windowing, toolbars, scrolling, fonts, printing, saving, and a wide range of far more sophisticated capabilities than most applications ever need, such being able to count down the number of milliseconds until your next birthday.

Most users are already VERY familiar with their browsers. Make it easy for them to use your programs. Most users keep their browsers open a lot. Local files load much faster than files from the Internet on most systems and are just as easy to add to bookmarks or favorites.

Write your programs with simple scripting languages like JavaScript. About 99% of today's browsers can process JavaScript. No other programming language has such an install base. Put your JavaScript programs on the Internet and make them easilly available to the entire world.


BrowserBased Programs Defined

What distinguishes a BroswerBased program from a web based program or just any web page?

Simply put, a BrowserBased program will run on a browser without being connected to the Internet. A web based program such as Hotmail does not work offline.

Most BrowserBased programs are also on the Internet. The difference is that when you open a BrowserBased program then go offline, the program still works. All the processing is done by the browser.

A web page, such as this one, is simply static information. Even adding blinking text and twirling images would not make it a BrowserBased program.

Some BrowserBased programs are in multiple files. Others, like Inner Peace software, are in one HTML file. Writing your program in one file makes it easier for users to make local copies for offline use. It can also save you from writing a lot of repeat code.


Applications for BrowserBased Programs

BrowserBased programming is ideal for reference manuals. Theoretically, an entire interactive encyclopedia could be put into one interactive JavaScript file. The only limits would be the size of the computer's memory and disk space.

Expect a JavaScript reference manual written in JavaScript soon. Here's our prediction of how this will happen. First somebody will write a simple program to convert JavaScript manuals already written in HTML into JavaScript. Then interactive demos will be added to them.

BrowerBased programming is also ideal for more interactive manuals. JavaScript has wonderful "if ... then ... else" logic that is especially helpful for interactive diagnostic, debugging, and repair manuals. These programs are sometimes called "expert system" programs.

Check out the source code on some of our programs and you will be amazed at what can be done with HTML, JavaScript, and a browser.

Happy coding.


Viewing the Source Code of BrowserBased Programs

Pages without Frames

There are two simple ways to do this:
  • Right click on the page, then select "View Source."

  • Click "View" on the menubar, then select "Source" or "Document Source."
Pages with Frames
There is one simple way to do this:
  • Right click on the frame and select "View Source." Do this for each frame.

  • Then click "View" on the menubar, then select "Source" or "Document Source." This will give your the code for the frameset.

Sample BrowserBased Programs

EScrambler is a very simple BrowserBased program. Before you try understanding the source code, read the web page and try the demos. We hope to add more comments to the code soon.

The InnerPeace Webmaster ToolKit contains BrowserBased programs of varying levels of complexity.

The Inner Peace program itself contains over 100 interactive pages in one HTML file using JavaScript. It contains almost 5000 lines of JavaScript code. We know of no other program which does so much with JavaScript.


Inner Peace is especially interested in networking with other authors of BrowserBased programs. We know that we are on a wave of the future and we want to help usher in that future. We would love to hear your ideas as to how to make that happen.  



Update: All the email links on this site have been disabled. To reach us, use our contact page. Thank you.

Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

Software Designed with Your Privacy in Mind

Inner Peace software is BrowserBased. Nothing you enter is sent over the internet or recorded anywhere. Inner Peace writes no cookies on your computer. Nothing is written to or read from your computer files.

Once the program is loaded into your browser window, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet and all its features will still run. Once you close the program, everything you entered into the program is erased. Because this is an open source program, you can see the source code and verify all this for yourself. You can comfortably process your issues with Inner Peace self help software, knowing that your entries are confidential.

Getting Support with Inner Peace Software

For support with Inner Peace software, use the Inner Peace contact form.

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