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Special Entrance for New Users

To make it easier for new users to learn about Inner Peace, we have set up a special entry way.


Inner Peace Has Some Simple Introductory Programs

extremal-board Effective Prayer is a fast, easy, powerful program. Take 10 minutes to do this process and get your prayers answered. Try it. It works.

Effective Goal Setting, the secular sister program of Effective Prayer, is a fast, easy, powerful program. Take 10 minutes to do this process and achieve your goals. Try it. It works.

Forgiveness is simple, powerful, and transformational. Take 10 minutes to do this process and be free. Try it. It works.

BeyondSuffering has over 100 programs specifically designed to handle issues in areas ranging from addiction to worry.

MonkeyMind is simple, fast, light, and fun. Take 10 minutes to do this process and quiet your internal chatter. Try it. It works.


About Inner Peace

Take a walk though Inner Peace with this overview article.



"Thanks for your gift to the world."

"This program is one which has truly changed my life for the better."



Three new chatterbot software programs released.


Try Inner Peace Now

Run the online version of Inner Peace. It can take about 30 seconds or so to load online.


Download Inner Peace

The download version of the Inner Peace program is identical to the online version and contains everything you need to run Inner Peace offline in one file. It loads faster from your own hard drive than it does online.


Emotional Healing for Everyone

Imagine a world with no emotional suffering.

What would that be like?


Emotional Preparedness for Disasters

Imagine your community being so prepared for any disaster that you could also tend to people's emotional needs.

What would that be like?


Economic Prosperity

Imagine an economic turnaround right now creating prosperity for the entire world without harm to the environment or inflation.

What would that be like?


Mainitain Your State

Inner Peace can help you to maintain your states.


Form Inner Peace Support Groups

Inner Peace support groups can be formed for general support or around special interests.


Volunteer to Help InnerPeace.Org

There are many simple ways you can volunteer, some right from your home.


Book an Inner Peace Speaker

Inner Peace Speakers can be arranged for many different kinds of functions at no charge.


Master Inner Peace

Do an Inner Peace Internship.


For Churches

Inner Peace is a natural for Churches to help heal spiritual and emotional suffering.


For Clergy

Wounded Preacher Ministries has been established specifically to bring Inner Peace to clergy in need of spiritual and emotional healing.


For the Media

Visit our press room.


For the Theorist

Computer Science Applied To Healing The Human Psyche.

The BrowserBased programming technology behind Inner Peace.

The self-help technology behind Inner Peace.


For the Professional Counselor

Take a walk though Inner Peace with a more technical article.


For the Visionary

See the long term vision for Inner Peace.


For the Recycler

Recycle old computers into Inner Peace computers.


For the Gifted Late Bloomer

The Inner Peace Gifted Late Bloomer Program has been established specifically to bring Inner Peace to gifted late bloomers who have not yet blossomed.


For Webmasters

Check out our Webmaster ToolKit.

Our Webmaster programs can also be had individually.

Escrambler, the anti-spam tool is our most popular.

Our Hacker's Coloring Book is a fun tool for picking colors on your web pages. We tried very hard to find a tool like this and, after not being able to locate one, finally built our own. Use it to compare various color choices side by side, and to see how various colors go together.

If you need to move any web pages and do not want to loose visitors who might come to the old address, check out PageJumper.


For Web Designers

Check out our web themes.


Awards We Give

See the recipients of the InnerPeace.Org Hidden Treasure Award.


Love Those Links

Put links to us on your web pages. We have banners and buttons in all sizes that take up very little bandwidth.

Check out our links.


Your feedback helps us continue to improve Inner Peace and is greatly appreciated.



Update: All the email links on this site have been disabled. To reach us, use our contact page. Thank you.

Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

Software Designed with Your Privacy in Mind

Inner Peace software is BrowserBased. Nothing you enter is sent over the internet or recorded anywhere. Inner Peace writes no cookies on your computer. Nothing is written to or read from your computer files.

Once the program is loaded into your browser window, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet and all its features will still run. Once you close the program, everything you entered into the program is erased. Because this is an open source program, you can see the source code and verify all this for yourself. You can comfortably process your issues with Inner Peace self help software, knowing that your entries are confidential.

Getting Support with Inner Peace Software

For support with Inner Peace software, use the Inner Peace contact form.

Hosted by

InnerPeace.Org is a member organization of, the public's library, based at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, which provides our Internet hosting, archiving, and other support.

Version Info

Version 5.10.21
Revised October 21, 2005

Version numbers are a date code in the format For example, version 5.10.21 would be October 21, 2005.

Forever Free Software

Copyright © 1996-2009
InnerPeace.Org Copyright Holding Trust

Inner Peace is Forever Free Software and Open Source Software
Licenced under the GNU General Public License of the
Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Description: Inner Peace is free self-help software. Use Inner Peace. Share Inner Peace. Imagine the whole world in inner peace. Yes, inner peace is possible.

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