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Creating Economic Prosperity

October 27, 2001

Imagine an economic turnaround right now creating prosperity for the entire world without harm to the environment or inflation.

What would that be like?

Put any doubts aside for a moment and just imagine it.

If it were really happening, and you were included, how would you feel?

Focus on that feeling and maintain it, at least for the duration of this article.

Many of the economic woes of the world have been blamed on the tragedy of September 11th. The truth is that the economy was already in trouble before 9-11. What the terrorists did was to kick it when it was already down.

As we look back to the eighties and nineties we can see two important discoveries that helped generate economic growth. In the eighties it was the personal computer. In the nineties it was the Internet.

There has been talk that war may solve the current economic problems. Let's get real. War mostly destroys things, not to mention people.

What the world's economy needs now are several inventions equivalent in significance to the personal computer and the Internet. The question is, "How can such creativity happen?"

It is common knowledge that most people only use a small fraction of their minds. Most estimates range from about three percent to, at most, ten percent. Where is the rest of it?

Let's look at the human mind as if it were a computer. It begins at birth with a powerful capacity. Compared to what it ultimately acquires it does not begin with much data. Then it begins learning.

Not all of what it learns is correct. For example, young children may be told that they are not ____ (fill in the blank) enough for something. Years later, even though that statement may not be true, it is still recorded as true, which interferes with full capacity functioning.

Additionally, just like computers slow way down when running too many programs, so does the human mind. Most humans have bits and pieces of their minds still caught up in past decisions and past experiences. Numerous "Woulda_Coulda_Shoulda" programs hog system resources. Ever-vigilant, "ICan't_IWon't_I'llNever" programs run in the background. Full computing capacity is clearly not available.

About a hundred years ago Freud showed the world that problems of the human condition could be addressed and healed. Since then there have been huge breakthroughs in mental and emotional healing.

InnerPeace has enlisted the power of the personal computer and the Internet into the solution. In about an hour, users point, click, and let go of major painful and traumatic difficulties that people used to spend years in traditional therapy handling.

InnerPeace does not claim to be a cureall -- but we don't have to take every straw off of the camel's back to make a difference. If we can free up merely another three percent of the human mind that is stuck in the past, the resulting creativity can transform the world.

We urge companies, schools, and even entire countries, to use and share our software, particularly among the most creative people.

If you do not have the time to review InnerPeace yourself, perhaps you know of some bright people already written off as burnout cases because of their emotional difficulties. Have them review it for you.

We do not claim to have the only solution, either. InnerPeace software is open source, licenced under the GPL. We urge other healers to edit our source code and use the power of the personal computer and the Internet to communicate their own healing messages to the world.

Imagine what you could create if you and those around you were free of the emotional pain of the past.

What would that be like?



If you need more information, we are at your service.

InnerPeace could help with a LOT of the world's suffering if more people knew about it. Pass it on.  


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Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

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