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The links are from four major categories of web sites:
  1. Traditional spiritual orientations, meaning those that existed prior to the twentieth century;

  2. Modern spiritual orientations, meaning those that came into existence after the nineteenth century; and

  3. Psychologically oriented.

  4. Miscellaneous links that do not fit squarely into one of the three more defined categories, mostly because they significantly touch more than one of them.
The sorting system we use is simple. Within each category, the smaller banners are above the larger ones.

These links were chosen, not because of any preference for their orientation, but because of the similarity of their support for forgiveness, no matter what their orientation. The fact that some orientations may have more links than others is simply because of the number of articles we found published on the Internet.

We would love to link to more articles on forgiveness from more non-western and ancient religions. If you know of any such articles we can link to, please let us know.


Unconditional Forgiveness

The main things these links have in common is that they are about unconditional forgiveness. This approach does not require the wrongdoer to admit wrong, feel sorry, make things right, see the light, or anything else in order for the victim to forgive. Any such requirements only interfere with true forgiveness.

Jesus Forgiving His Crucifiers

One of the most common examples of unconditional forgiveness is the story of Jesus forgiving his crucifiers by saying, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34. We have been asked about the validity of this story.

It is a wonderful example of how to practice forgiveness. Whether or not the story is true does not matter. You can still improve your life by following its message.

Let's take another example. We all know, with certainty, that the Fables of Aesop are not true. That does not make the lessons they teach any less valid.

All that said, we can also report that the leaders and advisors of InnerPeace.Org personally believe that the story of Jesus forgiving his crucifiers is true.



Traditional Spiritually Oriented






The Process Of Forgiveness


Pray for your enemies


You are forgiven






The Process of Forgiveness


Forgiveness : the highest virtue


Take the Forgiveness Road


Modern Spiritually Oriented




True Forgiveness


The Process of Forgiveness


Steps to Forgiveness


The Power of Forgiveness


What Is Forgiveness?


Forgiveness: Healing the Wounded Soul






Fifty Spiritually-Orientated Quotes on Forgiveness


Spiritual "Readiness" for Forgiveness: An Interactive Questionnaire


Gratitude and Forgiveness: A Heart-healing Process



Psychologically Oriented


The Forgiveness Process


Forgiveness. . . What's it for?




Forgiveness - A Real Stress Buster




Forgiveness Continuing Education Courses


Forgiveness for Addiction Treatment Project













My Favorite Forgiveness Process


Forgiveness Can Be Key To Unlocking The Healing Process


The Role of Forgiveness in Medicine





Links are not endorsements. Be aware that about half of all web sites are below average.

Since Inner Peace is not primarily a site of links, some rather popular sites have been omitted in favor of some helpful resources that may be less well known.

If you have any problems with these links, please let us know. Your comments, suggestions for additions to these links, and notification of bad links help keep this page vital.

Your feedback helps us continue to improve Inner Peace and is greatly appreciated.  

Update: All the email links on this site have been disabled. To reach us, use our contact page. Thank you.

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