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Inner Peace uses the structured process approach to self-help therapy. In a structured process, the user is asked a series of questions. The answer to each question determines the next question.

Structured Process Example Without A Computer

Here is a simple example of a structured process without using a computer:

Question 1

What is your preferred fruit?
  • apples
  • bananas
If the answer is apples, answer question 2.

If the answer is bananas, answer question 3.

Question 2
What is it you prefer most about apples?
  • the taste
  • the texture
If the answer is taste, answer question 4.

If the answer is texture, answer question 5.

Question 3
What is it you prefer most about bananas?
  • the taste
  • the texture
If the answer is taste, answer question 6.

If the answer is texture, answer question 7.

Question 4
What is it you prefer most about the taste of apples?
  • the sweetness
  • the tartness

Structured Process Example Using A Computer

Just from this simple example, it is obvious that a computer could help such a process. For example, question 2 could easilly be rewritten on a computer as follows:

Question 2

What is it you prefer most about [answer from question 1]?
  • the taste
  • the texture
Followed by:
What do you prefer most about the [answer from question 2] of [answer from question 1]?

Structured Processes with a Counselor

Some therapists use structured therapy processes. The counselor has to learn the process and the correct question to ask next, depending upon the answer.

Structured Processes in Self-Help Books

Some self-help books use structured therapy processes. The user turns to different followup questions depending upon how each previous question is answered.

Structured Self-Help Therapy On a Computer

The user's experience of Inner Peace is somewhere between being with a counselor and using a self-help book.

The user does not have to find the next question. The computer program asks the next question depending upon the previous answer. This resembles the experience of being with a counselor.

The process is all self-help. There is no counselor. This resembles using a self-help book.


For a more detailed description of the Inner Peace program, see this overview article.  


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Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

Software Designed with Your Privacy in Mind

Inner Peace software is BrowserBased. Nothing you enter is sent over the internet or recorded anywhere. Inner Peace writes no cookies on your computer. Nothing is written to or read from your computer files.

Once the program is loaded into your browser window, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet and all its features will still run. Once you close the program, everything you entered into the program is erased. Because this is an open source program, you can see the source code and verify all this for yourself. You can comfortably process your issues with Inner Peace self help software, knowing that your entries are confidential.

Getting Support with Inner Peace Software

For support with Inner Peace software, use the Inner Peace contact form.

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