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Wood Framed Buildings Are Fire Traps
Every day people burn to death, people are injured, and people lose their homes from fires in wood framed buildings. Why on earth is humanity still building them? Most people still do not know any better.

Earth Architecture

Nader Khalili has discovered a much safer form of construction that uses no trees, is easy to build, and you can build yourself without a contractor using the dust of the earth. He has a center for earth architecture in California.

Earth Architecture in West Virginia

Part of our vision is a school and research center in West Virgina for Nader Khalili's visionary ideas of earth architecture as a building solution for the third millemium. There are many reasons why West Virginia is an ideal location for an east coast center for earth architecture.

Friendly Welcoming People

The people in West Virginia are wonderful. Most of them are warm, friendly, welcoming, helpful, and charming.

Beautiful Land at Reasonable Prices

The land in West Virginia is beautiful and there is lots of it available at very reasonable prices. The altitude is also high enough so that if global warming causes the polar ice caps to melt we will not be flooded.

Central Location

More people live within a one day drive from West Virginia than just about anywhere else in the United States. Whether you live in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, or any place in between, you can leave home in the morning and have dinner in West Virginia.

Good Air and Water

Few places on the east coast of the United States have perfect air and water, but West Virginia's is very good. In many parts of West Virginia the mountain air is clean and clear and the well water needs no processing.

Comfortable Weather

While West Virginia does have a few extreme days each winter and summer, for the most part the weather is quite nice for living, working, and farming. Spring, which is very beautiful, can begin as early as February some years. Fall is especially beautiful and some years it can last almost until Christmas.

Varying Weather Conditions

While the West Virginia climate is rather moderate, there are a usually several days each winter when it does have the same cold, snowy weather as Boston and Chicago. There are also usually several days each summer when West Virginia has the same hot, muggy weather as Atlanta and New Orleans. This allows us to test designs that will work for most of the United States.

Many Varied Terrains

Anybody can build on flat land. If you can build a form of alternative housing on West Virginia's terrain, it can probably be build anywhere.

Virtually No Antiquated Building Codes

Building codes are the biggest hindrance to new building technology. Most current building codes in the United States will easilly allow you to build a wooden fire trap but will prevent you from building a fire proof earth building. Most parts of West Virginia have no building codes at all. This allows us to be wide open to new building technology.

In the same way that liberal gambling laws have made Las Vegas a major hotel and convention center, we foresee liberal building code laws making West Virginia an major center for alternative building technology.


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