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Sex chat

Fond of sexy feet? We have a whole lot of content that will make you hard and sexy. Tons of guys enjoy watching models with hot toes. Others are deep into the thing. They're into feet worship and revel in licking the feet of their mistresses. Feetcam are diverse. We have no standards for kinks. Here in the webcam world there's not any such thing as pervert, strange or forbidden.

What is feetcam?

If the hostess is currently enjoying matters as A webcam could be classified as a feetcam

  • Feet worship
  • Feet sex
  • Foot demonstration
  • Toeing

Some cams are tender and have no BDSM source. Women are showing off their feet in heels, sandals or stilettos as a part of normal sex chat. They possibly dancing or tease the conversation people but not behave as a mistress and dont search for a slave.

Other discussions are less and about the domination about what you do when you want a casual sex. They are filling with goddesses who allow their slaves to touch their toes when they act as boys and prepared to punish them when they're naughty.

The foot worship

When even think of being dominated by the feet, you feel? Feel free to join the chat in which models are controlling to their slaves and prepared to give you the true foot worship session.

There are different kinds of controls and kinks that may be used there. You may even have a one by one session. We've got personal conversations out there where folks communicate, have sex that is virtual and try to, fulfill themselves by the foot fetish session.

What a mistress can perform?

The mistress that is real can do what she wants. Slaves are arriving to her place to acquire a great domination session with no guilt or excuse what exactly do they need and the humiliation is acceptable and even desirable.

From the realm of domination and captivity there's a lot of ways to show the love to the hot feet. A great deal of men just remain in the tube and observe foot pornography and others go personal and have actual sessions .

Socks over the face

Have a kink to the girls' socks? We can make you enjoy them night and all day. Our foot fetish models are ready to show all the socks here from the sex chat. A number of them love long sporty socks using the nude body. Others are prepared to sell socks that are used every day, out of what they wear.

Check up them for the trendy foot fetish material and some socks also.

Stilettos and those heels can be the great tool of domination. They can be put over the servant back. Some mistresses are enjoying the walks across the slave's body using him. The session could be finished using a footjob but it is not vital. The details could be discussed through. This conversation in not only a BDSM one with some members that are skilled. It's possible to enjoy the content, even if you're a newcomer to the civilization.

Foot porn

Lots of women are playing with the dildo with their feet. You know they have a whole lot of nervous link and are sensitive. The foot job can be gratifying for the girl too. So they are currently doing this for the cash strictly. Lots of these are operating in the webcam industry because they love the foot occupation, love sex and rarely can locate an appropriate experience in the true life.

Toe fetish

Some people are into toeing. This is when the dominant sets her toe into the holes of the slave and fucks him. If you're taking them 12, toes can be quite interesting thing. So this kink isn't for everyone but everyone can enjoy the private session and little feet show too.

A great deal of cams are in the pedicure Cable fetish item. Her servant can be guided by the mistress through it with punishment and pleasure.

Lesbian foot fetish cams

Girls love men and women are ready to watch how they get it done. You can see the girls massaging each other's feet in the chat room. But some of them are currently going deeper. As as their lubricant allows them to set the feet into. Yes, they are not massaging their own bodies by toeing each other, but even make guys. Some of the girls enjoy foot fisting and make the gap incredibly profound.

This foot thing can be real varied and imaginative in the lesbian world.

Lots of women love to combine their lesbian sex using a significant domination experience and they can be harder for their spouses then the conventional couples.

Couples exploring fantasy foot-fetish

Some porn couples are doing the foot fetish item on the daily basis and also make themselves not just just wealthy and popular but also horny and satisfied since they like to be watched.

This discussion is the special place where feet lovers of the planet can find themselves a person who is ready to play.

Inner Peace is not primarily a webmaster programming site. However, in the course of doing our web site, we have discovered few things that other webmasters may find helpful, many of which are not elsewhere available.

There are lots of places to get beginning HTML information. We see no need to duplicate those resources. Most of the resources here would be classified as intermediate level and require some knowledge of HTML code.

Many of these items are included as part of the download package. You can also copy the source code of the ones you like. By having local copies of these files, you can use them anytime, even when you are not connected to the Internet. Local copies load much faster than online versions.

All of the Inner Peace authored tools are free software licenced under the GNU General Pubilc License, so feel free to play with the source code and improve them.




   Art and the Zen of web sites     


Discovering Art and the Zen of web sites was a major philosophical shift for us. Many of the ideas of creating web pages began in ancient times when most web pages were limited to what would fit on a monitor. Scrollbars were almost nonexistent. The strategy was to pack in as much information as possible into 480 x 640 pixels.

Art and Zen broke us out of that mold by suggesting such revolutionary ideas as using margins and blank space to make our web pages less cluttered and easier for our users to read. While we don't adhere to all of their suggestions, we never plan any design changes without referring to it.

As with many zen writings, deeper meanings come through with subsequent readings. Put your preconceptions aside and check it out.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


  4Hexillion Color Combos  

There are LOTS of 16 million color pickers out there. Many of them are slow. Most of them only show one color at a time.

Colors on web pages do not exist alone. How they look together is very important, or sometimes you want to compare possibilities side by side.

After an exhaustive search to find such a tool, we finally made our own. It puts three colors together on the page and changes any one of them, rather fast.

You can open separate windows to compare different combinations. You can also display a full layout of how sample web pages look using any of the 4,722,366,482,869,645,213,696 different combinations, which is what you get with 16 million plus colors to the third power.

It works with hex or decimal color codes and even generates random colors. We use this tool a lot, especially for making our FastLoading Banners.

For a while, we couldn't get this color picker to work on Netscape. Now it screams on NS3.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


Graphics can make a site look good, but they sure can make pages load slowly.

If you look at this page, there are no graphic files. All the banners and buttons are FastLoading Banners made with nothing but HTML code.

FastLoading Banners are usually 90 to 99% smaller in file size than graphic banners.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package, along with another page of banner code.


Page redirection does not get any more seamless than this.

PageJumper instantly transfers your visitors to your new page. No "this page has moved" text appears. Most users will not even notice the redirection has occurred.

PageJumper is search engine friendly. Your new address is placed right where search engines are programmed to look. PageJumper does not use META REFRESH tags which cause some search engines to ignore your pages.

PageJumper is Back button friendly. PageJumper pages are invisible to back buttons. Users clicking their back buttons go straight to their previous pages. PageJumper eliminates those annoying back button loops sometimes caused by META REFRESH tags.

If you ever have to move any web pages, check out PageJumper.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


Are you getting too much junk email from your web site?

Would you like to provide your email addresses to legitimate visitors of your web site without ending up on more junk email lists?

EScrambler may be just what you need.

Your spam problem comes from spam crawler robots. They crawl your web site for only one purpose -- to add your email addresses their spam lists. EScrambler makes your email addresses invisible to spam crawlers.

EScrambler hides your email addresses in plain sight. Visitors to your web pages can read and click on your email addresses the same way they do now.

EScrambler does not stop search engine robots from indexing your site. It only hides your email addresses from robots.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.



Todays browsers do far more than many computers could do in the days of DOS. Yet many programmers are still reinventing the wheel by writing their programs from scratch in languages like C++ and Basic.

Today's browsers are fully equipped with all the code for windowing, scrolling, fonts, printing, saving, and a wide range of far more sophisticated capabilities, such as counting down the number of milliseconds until your birthday.

Use BrowserBased Programming. Write your programs with simple scripting languages like JavaScript. Over 99% of today's browsers can process JavaScript. No other programming language has such an install base. Put your JavaScript programs on the Internet and make them easilly available to the entire world.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


The JavaScript Source

The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your web pages. All for free!

If you are new to JavaScript programming, this is probably a good place to start. Even advanced JavaScript programmers find this site helpful.

There are literally hundreds of free JavaScripts that are available to you for use on your web pages. The scripts are available via a user friendly interface -- including a working JavaScript example of all the scripts plus the complete actual JavaScript code used.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package.


JavaScript 1.1 Guide

There was a time, way back in the last millenium, when respectable authorities cautioned about using tables and other such "advanced" features on web pages because users could not see them. Such things were once said about JavaScript, too.

Now that about 99% of all browsers have it, the question is not whether or not to use it, but which version. We chose JavaScript 1.1, which works on Netscape 3, Internet Explorer 4, and any later brower, basicly most anything since 1995.

This excellent free manual from Netscape, the developer of JavaScript, says JavaScript 1.1 is out of date. So are some people's browsers. The advantage of using slightly out date technology is that you don't miss users with older systems.

JavaScript 1.1 works just wonderfully for most applications, even on newer browsers. For most applications it will do everything you need.

This manual is also an excellent HTML reference. If ours were a book it'd be all dog eared and worn by now.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package. It has it's own separate download, which we highly recommend.


Download JavaScript 1.1 Guide

We use this guide so often we keep a local copy of it on our hard drive and shortcuts to it on our desktop and in our web folders. The download version is identical to the online version but loads much faster. It's written in HTML and runs on any browser. INDEX~1.HTM is the main page.

Because, unlike our BrowserBased programs, it is made up of many separate html pages, it will not work as an offline bookmark. To run it offline, you have to download it. Maybe someday somebody will write a BrowserBased JavaScript manual in JavaScript.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package. It has it's own separate download, which we highly recommend.


JavaScript Developer Central

Here's a direct quote from this Netscape Developer web site:
"JavaScript is the scripting language of the Internet ... easy to learn, easy to test, and easy to debug."
If only we could say such things about navigating the Netscape web site.

It does have a truly amazing collection of articles, manuals, and references on JavaScript and many other web technologies. But is it also very easy to get lost in, especially if you go in through the front door. Worse yet, it's amazingly easy to click yourself completely out of the site.

Here's the doorway that gets you past all the sideshows.

Just remember to stay a few years behind the latest technology and your web site will work wonderfully for most of your users. Instead of joining a usergroup to get the latest technology, read the old postings in the archives. Unless you feel a calling to be a frontier pioneer, wait until a road is well traveled before you put your web site on it. Meanwhile, focus on how to better utilize the wonderful resources already in most browsers.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package.


Have you ever had problems making JavaScript do what you want it to do?

Do you need some JavaScript tricks and workarounds that really work?

How about a working piece of code that says "0=1"?

Inner Peace contains over 100 interactive pages in one HTML file using JavaScript. It contains almost 5000 lines of JavaScript code. We know of no other program which does so many things with JavaScript.

Inner Peace is an advanced example of JavaScript programming in an expert system application. In order to conserve file size there are few comments and lots of cryptic variable names.

You can also use Inner Peace as a programming teaching tool. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve the program.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package.



While not yet as popular as Perl, Python is growing quickly in popularlty. Once you already know JavaScript, Python is very easy to learn. Even if you do not use cgi programming, sometimes you might need to so some utility work, such as change something in every one of your web page files. Python works wonderfully for such things. It's most everything you like about JavaScript, plus you can access your files. We like the Idle GUI interface since it allows for copying and pasting of code.


David Beazley has written three highly regarded tutorials on Python. We made this index to David's tutorials to have a Python tool similar to the JavaScript Guide. David has been kind enough to allow us to bundle his slides with our index.

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


Python City

There are lots of Python sites. Python City links to most of them. The Python City webmaster is a big fan of JavaScript, and his slant on Python makes it easy for webmasters already familiar with JavaScript to use Python.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package.


Free Software


The Free Software Foundation is, by far, the most leading edge authority in the field of free software. Besides the famous GNU GPL software license, there are pages and pages of convincing writings which challenge the whole concept that ideas can be owned.

The Free Software Foundation approaches the idea of free software from a high philosphical position. When they say free software, they mean it in the sense of "free speech" rather than "free beer."

This item IS included in the webmaster download package.


  Completely FREE Software  

Completely Free Software takes the more practical "free beer" approach to free software. Everything is fully functional and has no expiration dates.

All the software on the site is reviewed and checked for viruses. Some of it is truly excellent.

This item is NOT included in the webmaster download package.



Links are not endorsements. Be aware that about half of all web sites are below average.

Since Inner Peace is not primarily a site of links, some rather popular sites have been omitted in favor of some helpful resources that may be less well known.

If you have any problems with these links, please let us know. Your comments, suggestions for additions to these links, and notification of bad links help keep this page vital.

Your feedback helps us continue to improve Inner Peace and is greatly appreciated.


Update: All the email links on this site have been disabled. To reach us, use our contact page. Thank you.

Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

Software Designed with Your Privacy in Mind

Inner Peace software is BrowserBased. Nothing you enter is sent over the internet or recorded anywhere. Inner Peace writes no cookies on your computer. Nothing is written to or read from your computer files.

Once the program is loaded into your browser window, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet and all its features will still run. Once you close the program, everything you entered into the program is erased. Because this is an open source program, you can see the source code and verify all this for yourself. You can comfortably process your issues with Inner Peace self help software, knowing that your entries are confidential.

Getting Support with Inner Peace Software

For support with Inner Peace software, use the Inner Peace contact form.

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