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Make Old Computers Inner Peace Computers
There are lots of old computers around just collecting dust. Many of them even end up being trashed.

Make these computers Inne Peace computers. Place them in church halls, schools, human resource centers, community centers, rehab centers, detox centers, women's shelters, homeless shelters, unemployment offices, welfare offices, soup kitchens, libraries, jails, prisons, and other places where people who might be suffering can get access to Inner Peace.

Old 486's will run Inner Peace just fine. Of course, if you can do it all with free software, such as the GNU/Linux system, that would be ideal.

Soon, we expect to have a text version of Inner Peace ready. It will run on old 286's and even 8086's. If you have a lot of those computers or places to put them to use, let us know. We could also use more help from C programmers on this project, particularly if you have experience with 80 x 25 interactive text based programs.

You can also leave diskettes of Inner Peace where you place these computers. If there any Inner Peace support groups in the area, be sure to leave info about that, too.

If donors need receipts for the computers, send us an email and we will email or fax them the necessary receipts.

Here are more details on setting up Inner Peace computers.

For more information on our computer recycling program, email us at:


Your support is greatly appreciated.

InnerPeace could help with a LOT of the world's suffering if more people knew about it. Pass it on.  


Update: All the email links on this site have been disabled. To reach us, use our contact page. Thank you.

Brand new self help process.

We have been instrumental in creating a brand new self help process for Lovers in Training. The process is called Healing the Me I See in You. It is still in beta, so watch it develop. Enjoy.

Software Designed with Your Privacy in Mind

Inner Peace software is BrowserBased. Nothing you enter is sent over the internet or recorded anywhere. Inner Peace writes no cookies on your computer. Nothing is written to or read from your computer files.

Once the program is loaded into your browser window, you can disconnect your computer from the Internet and all its features will still run. Once you close the program, everything you entered into the program is erased. Because this is an open source program, you can see the source code and verify all this for yourself. You can comfortably process your issues with Inner Peace self help software, knowing that your entries are confidential.

Getting Support with Inner Peace Software

For support with Inner Peace software, use the Inner Peace contact form.

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Revised October 21, 2005

Version numbers are a date code in the format For example, version 5.10.21 would be October 21, 2005.

Forever Free Software

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Inner Peace is Forever Free Software and Open Source Software
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Description: Inner Peace is free self-help software. Use Inner Peace. Share Inner Peace. Imagine the whole world in inner peace. Yes, inner peace is possible.

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